Greening Up The City 

Olyssa Starry is an assistant professor at Portland State University where she teaches urban ecology in the Honors College.  She studies and models the effects of green roof design and maintenance on stormwater management and biodiversity.  Years ago, she was a teacher and organizer for the Boston Urban Ecology Institute's after school program.

Kelly Ksiazek is a researcher at the Chicago Botanic Garden and Northwestern University with M.S. degrees in both Science Education and Plant Biology & Conservation. She is passionate about finding ways to encourage conservation of prairie plants in urban habitats, especially on green roofs. She is a part-time instructor for Loyola University's Institute of Environmental Sustainability and a former high school science teacher. 



We are a dynamic team of scientists, educators, and green roof enthusiasts! As previous Botany in Action Fellows, we believe that plant science research should be accessible to everyone through active community engagement and effective scientific communication. Our mission is to educate people everywhere about the dynamic relationships between plants, people, and the rest of the natural world that occur in the cities where we live, work and play.